Happy New Year 2024

The clock has ticked down on yet another year and we say good bye to 2023 and hang up our 2024 calendars to start a new chapter. The Bosun extends warm wishes and heartfelt gratitude to our wonderful patrons. The turn of the year is not just a closing of a chapter; it’s an opportunity to reflect on the memories created, the laughter shared, and the moments cherished at The Bosun.

A Year in Review:

In 2023, we’ve had the pleasure of serving you in our historic establishment in Monkstown, Co. Cork. From cozy dinners to joyous celebrations, every shared moment has added to the tapestry of The Bosun’s rich history. We are grateful for your continued support, making The Bosun not just a place to dine and stay but a community of friends and families coming together.

The author of this very post can look back on a very enjoyable Confirmation Day celebration where we first hand enjoyed the unparalleled hospitality and delicious cuisine of the Bosun.

Now as the New Year dawns, all at the Bosun wish you a journey filled with joy, prosperity, and countless new memories. May your aspirations be met, and your days be adorned with the warmth of laughter and the embrace of loved ones.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue being a part of your stories in the coming year. The Bosun is more than a venue; it’s a canvas for celebrations, a haven for shared moments, and a place where friendships flourish. In 2024, we hope to welcome you back to our cozy corner in Monkstown, where the river Lee flows, and the spirit of community thrives.

A Toast to New Beginnings:

As you raise your glasses to welcome the New Year, let’s collectively toast to the adventures that await, the joys yet to be discovered, and the countless memories waiting to unfold. May the journey ahead be as delightful as a Sunday lunch at The Bosun and as comforting as a stay in our guesthouse.

We invite you to stay connected with us as we embark on this new year together. Follow us on our website for updates on special events, tantalizing menus, and the latest news from The Bosun. Your presence has made every day at The Bosun special, and we can’t wait to share more moments with you in the coming year.

As the New Year’s fireworks light up the sky, we express our deepest gratitude for being a part of The Bosun family. May 2024 be a year filled with laughter, love, and new adventures. From all of us at The Bosun, we wish you a Happy New Year! Here’s to a year of possibilities and the hope of seeing you at The Bosun soon.